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Nov 24, 2004 · Evans said, "Chevrolet is now saying we should be running the oil temperature at 220 to 240 degrees. If you're not, you are giving away horsepower. We have learned to stay below 260 to 270 degrees because the life of the oil starts to fall off. The people who run 180 degrees need to know that it is not good for the bearings.

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In cold weather lubricants with adequate viscosities at start up temperature are required. Engine Oil. The table below indicates appropriate engine oil viscosity vs. outside (start up) temperatures. Engine Oil SAE Viscosity Temperature-20 o F (-29 o C) 0 o F (-17.8 o C) 20 o F (-6.7 o C) 40 o F (4.4 o C) 60 o F (15.6 o C) 80 o F (26.7 o C) 100 Engine Oil - Understanding What it Does and Why it Matters

  • Understanding What Motor Oil DoesDetermining ViscosityUsing Additives0W20 vs 5W20 The Best Engine Oil For Your CarJan 13, 2021 · The second number is all about how viscous the oil is when the engine is at operating temperature. These tests are done with the oil at 100 degrees C. The two numbers are slightly relative to each other, but only marginally.

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    Aug 08, 2010 · My understanding is that oil temp is a much better indication of what's really going on inside your engine, than coolant temp. To burn off excess waste from the oil it must be brought up to full operating temperature. Your coolant heats up in as little as 5 minutes but oil takes much longer to get up to full operating temperature. Hardin Marine - Thermostatic Oil ControlAs engine oil temperature reaches its optimum operating temperature moisture and impurities that often cause a milky condition are eliminated. With this unit all oil temperature is now controlled through a integral 212 degree oil thermostat. The large -12 O-Ring style port fitting oil inlets/outlets assure the maximum amount of oil can be

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    Aug 21, 2018 · So 160° F is a good temperature to shoot for. So if you can know, find the tag number for the pump and use that because if you can get the tag number for that pump and look up a specification sheet, the manufacturer of that pump is going to have guidance for the right viscosity of oil and the temperature ranges, and that could be some data Normal Operating Oil Temp? - High Performance AcademyDec 29, 2016 · Most race engines we tune/build I look to keep around the 100-110 range. We will always warm the oil to around 80-90 before starting a race and hold a consistent 100-110. On the dyno this has proven around a 3% increase in power (differences between 60-70 and 100-110).

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    Jan 08, 2017 · My oil generally runs 10-15 degrees hotter than water so 215-220. About 10 years ago when Caterpillar came out with the twin turbo c-15, the "fan on" temp for coolant temp was raised to 216. Oil in those regularly run 235-240. In nascar you often hear of oil temps approaching 300. Oil temperature TruckersReport Trucking Forum #1 Jun 12, 2017 · Oil temperature reached almost 300 After 40 mints driving around 55 mph hour flat road no load no hot weather Oil pressure was around 60 . engine was around 180 . And I checked the antifreeze was almost full whole the way up So the only makes me worry Oil temperature around 300. So whats wrong with that ?

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    May 31, 2021 · Optimum engine oil temperature. 05-31-2021, 08:47 AM. I run oil coolers on all of my shovels up here in the great white north but keep them covered until the temp gets up to about 70 F. I was snooping around the internet about oil temperatures in air cooled engines. Tech:Installing Canton's Engine Oil Cooler And Why You May 01, 2014 · Reaching and maintaining an optimal oil temperature is key for the long life and performance of an engines internal components, and while its certainly key for your daily driver, its absolutely vital for high performance vehicles with built engines, where RPMs tend to be higher and the parts and pieces that comprise the rotating

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    May 25, 2018 · I noticed that my previous answer was posted short and with missing words, it should have read:"Proper oil temperature for any vehicle with water cooled engine is between 220 and 240 F. For vehicles with air cooled engines, such as VW, oil temperature is in a safe operating range at 190-220 F under normal operating conditions and up to 260 F What is the Ideal Transmission Temperature? - CAR FROM Dec 21, 2017 · If all the components are functional and you are driving at a normal speed, the ideal transmission temperature is 175°F or less. The fluid will last forever or up to 160,000 km to be precise if you can always drive at that temperature. Pure, clean fluid looks red or dark red in color. (photo source:cartreatments) However, dirt in the fuel

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    Jan 23, 2011 · I should have specified, not to add a second or an aftermarket oil cooler. Because that will drop the temp way under the optimal range. Increasing timing is only good to a point. My engine for instance, on a dyno, made the most power with only one additional degree of timing over what the factory tables were asking for. Whats the optimal engine coolant temperature to make Sep 13, 2008 · For a street car you will experience the best oil life and engine longentivity when your coolant is 200 to 205 degrees. Oil life is shorter when the engine is run cooler because there needs to be a sufficient engine temperature to burn off the atmospheric contaminants that are attracted to oil -

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    Aug 22, 2006 · looking for best oil temp for auto/truck under load in towing mode. 200 seems too low for evaporating any moisture. 230 seems to be getting high. gasoline engines. Replies continue below.Keep Your Engine Alive:The Importance of Oil Temperature As a general rule of thumb, after the car is warmed up, oil tends to be a few degrees warmer than the coolant (usually 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it takes much longer for oil to come up to temperature than coolant. When you start your car in the morning, most of us are wise enough to not romp on the car until the coolant gauge is up to operating temperature.