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Sep 21, 2020 · The 1.25Cr-0.5Mo (also known as 1-1/4Cr-1/2Mo) steel is a typical low alloy heat-resistant steel of the Cr-Mo steel family. It is widely used for applications at elevated temperatures. The figures 1.25 and 0.5 denote the nominal chemical composition of chromium and molybdenum alloying elements respectively.

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Products Related to A216 Grade WCB Swing Check Valve, 13 Percent CR Trim Swing Check Valves ASTM A217 Gr.C5, DN150, PN50, Trim ASTM A182 Gr.F6 ASTM ASTM A216 Grade WCB Carbon Steel Valves UNS J03002 ASTM A216 WCC butterfly valve supplier in Mumbai, View SA 216 gr wcb gate valve dimensions and price list. The shell can be made up of WCB, WC1, WC6, WC9, LCB, LCC, LC3, C5 and other material grades where the trim can be made up of 304, 316 austenitic stainless steels and high alloy steels.

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Heat Treatment of steel grade ASTM WC6. Heat treated :1857°C - 1529°C. Technological Curves of steel grade ASTM WC6 ASTM Welding Procedures A36 to A930 - weldrealityASTM A216 WCA WCB WCC :High tem cast fittings :WCA E7018 E7XT-1 E70S-3 WCB-WCC E7018 E7XT-1 E70S-3 E10018-M:ASTM A217 WC1-WC4 WC5-WC6 WC9-WC11 :Steel castings:post heat req 1250F preheat WC1 <50mm 150F >50mm 250F preheat WC4-WC5 <13mm 200F >13mm 350F Cr 0.5/0.8 Mo 0.45/0.6 grade 2-12 E8018-B2 E80T1-B2 grade 21-22 E9018-b3 E90t1-b3

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Mar 07, 2021 · ASTM A217 Grade C9:Non-corrosive fluids as water, oil and gases at temperatures range -20°F (-30°C) and +1100°F (+593°C). 5% Chrome 1/2% Moly:ASTM A217 Grade C5:Mild corrosive or erosive applications and non-corrosive applications at temperatures between -20°F (-30°C) and +1200°F (+649°C). 9%Chrome 1% Moly:ASTM A217 Grade C12 Carbon Steel Castings - Norton Cast ProductsGrade C Si Mn CR Mo Ni Cu Nb V Fe W Co N; ASTM A217 C12:0.2:1:0.45:9:1:ASTM A217 C12A:0.1:0.35:0.45:9:0.9:0.4:0.07:0.02:0.05:ASTM A217 C5:0.2:0.75

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  • Cast Steel ASTM A217 Valve Valve, Carbon Steel Casting ASTM A217 ValveValve OperationStandardsProduct Range - Cryogenic ValvesProduct Range - Pressure Seal ValveProduct Range - Cast Steel ValvesWe ExportCitizen Valves is Manufacturer of ASTM A217 Valve Valve in india ,we are producing ASTM A217 Valve Valve & ASTM A217 Valve Valve since 1981.We are ISO 9001 & PED approved Exporter of ASTM A217 Valve Valve in india.We maintain over 35000 Pieces in various types, sizes & coating which makes us one of the largest stockist of ASTM A217 Valve Valve in India.In 1985 Citizen Valves was incorporated as a trader of ASTM A217 Valve Valve & in 1981 Citizen Valves became Manufacturers of ASTM A21Cast Carbon and Low Alloy Steel ValvesASTM Specification A216 WCB A217 WC1 A217 WC6 A217 WC9 A217 C5 A217 C12 A352 LCB A352 LCC A352 LC1 A352 LC2 A352 LC3 For ASTM A351 Austenitic Stainless Steel Valves, refer to KITZ Cat.No.E-150. *Refer to ASME B16.34 for details of ASTM A216, A217 and A352 Pressure-temperature ratings. (See page 31 for A216 and A217) Chrome Moly Valve Material F5 F11 F22 F9 C5 WC6 WC9 C12 ASTM A217 Grade WC6:A182 F11 Class 2:Non-corrosive applications including water, oil and gases at temperatures between -30ºC (-20ºF) and +593ºC (+1100ºF). 8 8A 12/12A:5/5A 12 16:A182 F22:2 1/4% Chrome Low Alloy Steel:ASTM A217 Grade WC9:A182 F22 Class 3

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    A ASTM cross reference material specification of fittings, flanges, unions and cast and forged valves:Materials. Forgings. Castings. Wrought Fittings. Pipe. Carbon Steel. A181-Gr.1 A181-Gr Gate, Globe & Check ValvesL&T Valves Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves are offered in a variety of body and bonnet materials to suit different requirements. These materials include Carbon Steel (standard), Alloy Steels and Stainless Steels. 11/4 Cr - 1/2 Mo ASTM A217 Gr. WC6 -290C to 5930C (-20 0F to 1100 F) 21/4 Cr - 1 Mo ASTM A217 Gr. WC9 -290C to 5930C

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    A27 Gr WC1 0.20 0.60 0.50 0.50 65 35 24 :Normalized. Tempered. A325 Gr LC1 :4020 Mod WC6 0.15 0.65 0.50 0.55 70 40 20 :Normalized. Tempered. A217 Gr WC6 :4118 Mod WC9 0.15 0.55 0.50 1.00 1.05 70 40 20 :Normalized. Tempered. A217 Gr WC9 :4115 Mod C5 0.15 0.55 0.60 5.00 0.55 90 60 18 JONLOO ASTM A217 Casting Valves for High-Temperature

    • Chemical Composition RequirementsHeat TreatmentQuality ControlLow Alloy Steels - Micron Alloy Castings Ltd.astm a217 grades wc1,wc6,wc9-460-540:cr/mo steels for use at elevated temperatures, some corrosion and creep resistance. b5,b6. astm a217 grade c5,c12-620:bw2-201-255-chrome steels- abrasive resistant for wear tiles, hammers, striker plates etc . bw3-293 min-bw4-341 min-other specifications.

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      (Cu/Ni/Cr/W/V):1.00 max Tensile Strength:65ksi-90ksi (450-620Mpa) Yield Strength:35ksi (240Mpa) min Elongation in 2in. or 50mm:24.0% min Reduction of Area:35% min ASTM A217 Grade WC1 Casting Heat treatment process:Generally all castings need to be tempered at 1100°F [595°C] min castingquality ASTM A217 Grade WC1 Application: VALVE BODY MATERIALSforged cast carbon steel astm a105 astm a216 wcb/wcc astm a350 lf2 astm a352 lcb/lcc alloy steel asm a350 lf3 astm a352 lc3 astm a182 f5a astm a217 c5 astm a182 f9 astm a217 c12 astm a182 f11 astm a217 wc6 astm a182 f22 astm a217 wc9 astm a182 f91 astm a217 c12a austenitic stainless steel astm a182 f304/f304l astm a351 cf8/cf3


      ASTM A182 F11 ASTM A217 WC6 ASTM A182 F22 ASTM A217 WC9 ASTM A182 F91 ASTM A217 C12A UNS S32760 (SUPER DUPLEX S.S.) A995* CD3MWCuN/A995 CR.6A NICKEL ALLOY INCONEL 825 - UNS N08825 - ASTM B564 N08825 A484 CU 5MCuC* IUM ASTM B381 GR.F2 ASTM B367 GR.C2 ASTM B381 GR.F3 ASTM B367 GR.C3 Grade UNS31803 now supplemented Valve Material Specifications (A216/351/352/105/182 Sep 20, 2017 · ASTM A217 Grade WC6:Non-corrosive fluids as water, oil, and gases at temperatures range -20°F (-30°C) and +1100°F (+593°C). 2.1/4% Chrome:ASTM A217 Grade C9:Non-corrosive fluids as water, oil and gases at temperatures range -20°F (-30°C) and +1100°F (+593°C). 5% Chrome 1/2% Moly:ASTM A217 Grade C5

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      May 30, 2020 · Both ASTM A217 grade WC6 and ASTM A217 grade WC9 are variants of the same material. For each property being compared, the top bar is ASTM A217 grade WC6 and the bottom bar is ASTM A217 grade WC9. ASTM A217 Grade WC6 Cast Cr-Mo Steel ASTM A217 Grade WC9 Cast Cr-Mo Steel. Metric Units US Customary Units.