flow and heat transfer enhancement in tube heat

A Numerical Study of Flow and Heat Transfer Enhancement

Dec 06, 2006 · It was found that the impingement of winglet redirected flow on the downstream tube is an important heat transfer augmentation mechanism for the common-flow-up arrangement of vortex generators in the inline-tube geometry.

An experimental study of heat transfer enhancement with

Jan 29, 2021 · Jedsadaratanachai et al. numerically simulated a three-dimensional geometry of a circular tube with 45° V-baffles to examine the flow structure of periodic laminar flow and heat transfer behavior. The flow structure showed apparently that two pairs of longitudinal twisted vortices generated by baffles could induce impingement flow and vastly increase heat transfer rate. Discussing the Application of Heat Transfer accelerate turbulence fluctuation in the tube and enhance heat transfer, on the downstream like suction confluence it would reduce turbulence fluctuation and decrease heat exchange. Applying the pulsation technique to the shell and tube heat exchanger, we could enhance heat transformation efficiency without

Enhancement of Turbulent Flow Heat Transfer in a Tube with

Nov 02, 2012 · Numerical simulations were performed to study the fluid flow and heat transfer in a tube with staggered twisted tapes with central holes. In the range of Reynolds numbers between 6000 and 28 000, the modified twisted tapes increased the Nusselt number by 76.2 149.7 % and the friction factor by 380.2 443.8 % compared to the smooth tube. Flow Felid and Heat Transfer Enhancement Investigations by / Flow Felid and Heat Transfer Enhancement Investigations by using a Combination of Corrugated Tubes with a Twisted Tape Within 3D Circular Tube Based on Different Dimple Configurations. In:Heat Transfer


preheat trains - Heat transfer enhancement. * Through higher flow turbulence (inner heat transfer coefficient X 1.8), * Reduction of fouling and coking in heat exchanger tubes :- typical result:energy savings of up to USD 500,000 per year - Installation example Fuel savings of 23,800 barrels = 3,400 tons of oil equivalent (TOE) per year Heat -transfer Enhancement with Pulsating Flow in the mechanism of heat-transfer enhancement was revealed with the evolution of Z heat-transfer coefficient over time. It was found the pulsating flow achieves an 18.9% enhancement at low torque. Keywords:heat-transfer enhancement, pulsating flow, twisted hexagonal tube, CFD, manure slurry. NONMENCLATURE Abbreviations CT THT

Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Nano Fluids- An Overview

The normal fluid has some major disadvantage regarding heat transfer. 1. The particle settles rapidly, forming a layer on the surface and reducing the heat transfer capacity of the fluid. 2. If the circulation rate of the fluid is increased, sedimentation is reduced, but the erosion of the heat transfer device, pipe line etc increased rapidly. 3. Heat Transfer Enhancement With Delta Winglets Vortex Islam, M, Nurizki, A, Kareem, A, & Baba, A. "Heat Transfer Enhancement With Delta Winglets Vortex Generator for Different Arrangement in a Circular Tube." Proceedings of the ASME 2018 5th Joint US-European Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting .

Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Novel Annular Tube with

The thermal-hydraulic performance in a novel annular tube formed by outer straight and inner twisted oval tubes is numerically investigated. An annular tube formed by two straight oval tubes is also studied for comparison. Inner twisted oval tubes with different aspect ratios and twist ratios are studied. The heat transfer is well improved by the symmetrical secondary flow in the annulus. Heat Transfer:Vol 49, No 8 - Wiley Online LibraryNov 23, 2020 · Analysis of the flow field, thermal performance, and heat transfer augmentation in circular tube using different dimple geometrical configurations with internal twistedtape insert. Ahmed Ramadhan AlObaidi; Pages:4153-4172; First Published:25 June 2020

Heat transfer enhancement and pressure drop

Abstract This article reports an experimental study on the forced convective heat transfer and flow characteristics of a nanofluid consisting of water and 0.2 vol.% TiO2 nanoparticles. The heat transfer coefficient and friction factor of the TiO2water nanofluid flowing in a horizontal double-tube counter flow heat exchanger under turbulent flow conditions are investigated. Heat transfer enhancement by flow-induced vibration in Jan 31, 2009 · Compared with the average tube outside convective heat transfer coefficient of the fixed tube bundle, the average tube outside convective heat transfer coefficient of this device is improved by more than two times, while the fouling resistance is reduced by two-third. The flow-induced vibration does not require additional energy.

Mechanism and numerical analysis of heat transfer

methodheat transfer enhancement in the core flow , which means reducing flow resistance near the boundary as much as possible and taking various effective measures of heat transfer en-hancement in the core flow zone to achieve heat transfer enhancement inside a tube. 2 Theory and model for heat transfer enhancement in the core flowFlow mechanism and heat transfer enhancement in Citation:Liu W, Liu Z C, Wang Y S, et al. Flow mechanism and heat transfer enhancement in longitudinal-flow tube bundle of shell-and-tu be heat exchanger. Sci China Ser E-Tech Sci, 2009, 52(10):29522959, doi:10.1007/s11431-009-0237-7 Flow mechanism and heat transfer enhancement in longitudinal-flow tube bundle of shell-and-tube heat exchanger