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If the unit is accidentally. immersed in water, allow to dry completely before switching on. 2. Do not boil the probe. Instead, clean the unit by wiping with a dry cloth and sterilize the. probe with ethyl (rubbing) alcohol. 3. Do not allow the unit to come into contact with any thinners or chemical solvents. 4.

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The PCE-780 consists of an infrared thermometer and an integrated humidity meter. With the two sensors, it can record values to determine the dew point. If this dew point is reached or undershot, there is a risk of moisture settling and mold growing. The dew point, which is calculated by the PCE-780, is displayed on the high-contrast LCD display. Digital Wall Thermometer Products & Suppliers Description:Large, 1-1/8-inch-high digits can be viewed from across the lab. Unique Four-Alert Thermometer provides user with precise monitoring of the slightest change in temperature. Temperature range is -58.0 to 158.0°F or -50.0 to 70.0°C, resolution is 0.1°, and accuracy is

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Description:Dual Laser Infrared Digital Thermometer PCE-895 Cross laser thermometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperatures / Fast response time / Adjustable emissivity / Max-Min function / USB / SD card The Dual Laser Digital Thermometer PCE-895 is. Celsius Scale:-64 to 1400 C. Digital:Battery Powered. External Digital Thermometer Products & Suppliers Digital Thermometers - Digi-Sense Calibrated Digital Thermometer w/ Memory Card, SS probe -- GO-37803-85 Supplier:Cole-Parmer Description:use These thermometers record data onto a standard SD memory card instead of built-in memory the advantage being that when the memory on the SD card is full, the SD card can be simply exchanged out for

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2x red targeting laser dots, Class 2. Operating time. Min. 140 hours continuous use without laser and back light. Auto switch off. Automatic, 60 seconds after trigger release in IR mode (60 minutes can be manually selected) and 12 minutes after trigger release in probe mode. Contents. 1x IR thermometer (TKTL 31); 1x Temperature probe (TMDT 2-30); Hot-wire thermo-anemometer - PCE-423 - PCE Instruments Additionally, the PCE-423 Thermo-Anemometer has a telescopic probe with a max. length of 1 m / 3.3 ft. Both the USB cable and the software (included in the delivery), allow for the PCE-423 Thermo-Anemometer to be connected to a PC or laptop to transfer data continuously. Data can be stored in either txt format or csv one for further analysis.

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Pce Instruments Digital Thermometer PCE-600 Order no.:PCE-600. Simple, handy and robust mini-infrared thermometer for non-contact measurement of surface temperature. The mini-infrared thermometer has a display of the current temperature. After the measurement, the measured value remains in the display. Manual Infrared Thermometer PCE-IR 5 - PCE InstrumentsNov 16, 2015 · The PCE-IR 5 gives you the possibility to measure the surface temperature of objects without contact. The most important advantage of an infrared thermometer is that you can measure areas that are normally hard to access, as well as moving parts.

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VWR 61161-283 Instruction Manual Instruction manual (26 pages) ReliOn DIGITAL THERMOMETER Instruction Booklet Instruction booklet (2 pages) LEYU Leyu1 User Manual PCE Instruments PCE-889B Manual Manual (8 pages) Maverick RF-01 Specification Sheet Specification sheet (1 pages) Avita NT16B Instruction PCE-555 :Handheld Hygrometer anaum.saPCE-555 is a combination digital hygrometer and digital thermometer used to measure relative humidity or air humidity as well as air temperature, dew point temperature and wet-bulb temperature. This portable, handheld meter allows for quick and easy detection of environmental conditions. Applications include monitoring

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Distributor of PCE-778 Digital Infrared Thermometer ( -40~800°C) Haier, BKPRECISION, LUTRON, KYORITSU, FLUKE, Amprobe, LaserLiner, TESTO, MasterCool, BOSCH, CEM PCE-895 :Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer Anaum - Test The Dual Laser Digital Thermometer PCE-895 is used for fast surface temperature measurement. The two laser points of the dual laser thermometer PCE-895 mark the exact measuring point and thus offer excellent assistance with the temperature measurement. Due to the cross laser function, the two laser spots indicate exact

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The Dual Laser Digital Thermometer PCE-895 is used for fast surface temperature measurement. The two laser points of the dual laser thermometer PCE-895 mark the exact measuring point and thus offer excellent assistance with the temperature measurement. Due to the cross laser function, the two laser spots indicate exact PCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer - PCE InstrumentsPCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer. mini thermometer with a wide measurement range of -35 +250 ºC / indication of max. and min. values / data function / lock mode for continuous operation. The PCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer is a robust and easy-to-use device that measures surface temperature. The PCE-MF 1 Mini Infrared Thermometer has a display which shows both the current temperature and

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The PCE-T390 digital thermometer can be used in an almost unlimited capacity in maintenance, conservation, machine diagnostics and quality control. The PCE-T390 digital thermometer can also be used for measuring in real time or as a data logger. Type-K, J and PT100 temperature sensors can be connected to the PCE-T390 digital thermometer. Products for 'mesureur de distance dls c15 ' PCE InstrumentsThe Thermo Hygrometer PCE-G 2 is used to measure the environmental parameters of temperature and humidity. The thermo hygrometer is used in warehouses, open-plan offices, schools, etc.

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Find out all of the information about the PCE IBERICA product:storage container thermo hygrometer PCE-HT 112. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. Support for Remote Controls Sony USADownloads Manuals Questions & Answers. RM-V202. Downloads Manuals Questions & Answers. NSG-MR7U. Downloads Manuals Questions & Answers. Load More. Product Alerts. End of support notification for products using the Windows 7 operating system. Notice of Limited Warranty Updates for Sony Electronics Inc. and Sony of Canada Ltd.

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Thermometers. Extech Instruments Corporation. As a global leader in temperature measurement, the Extech range of thermometer models is unrivaled. With both handheld and table or wall-mounted models, Extech offers multiple choices for use as a room thermometer, indoor/ outdoor thermometer, water thermometer, food/cooking stem thermometer and a non-contact forehead thermometer. table of contents Measurement instruments - pce PCE-T312 thermometer, thermocouple sensors, batteries and users manual Model No. Description Price [Euro] PCE-T312 Thermometer with 2 channels 85.00 Optional Accessories CAL-T2 ISO Calibration, 2 channels 120.00 See page 3 for temperature sensors. PCE-T390 Thermometers with memory, RS-232 inter-face and software

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manual ITEM NO. ITEM K-PCE-889 infrared thermometer OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES K-CAL-PCE-889 ISO calibration certificate PCE-889A Professional Thermometer up to +1050 °C high accuracy non-contacting temperature measurement distance-to-measuring point diameter ratio 30:1 data hold / continuous measurement function Digital Thermometer PCE-IR 425