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Note:Reporting year (RY) 2019 is the most recent TRI data year available. Facilities reporting to TRI were required to submit their data to EPA by July 1 for the previous calendar year's activities. TRI Explorer is using an updated 2019 data set (released to the public in June 2021).

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Instructions on how to complete the Federal Financial Report (PDF) (5 pp, 61 K) Minority/Women's Business Enterprise Utilization Report (MBE/WBE) EPA Form 5700-52A - Required if any funds were expended for supplies, equipment or contractual services during the life of the assistance agreement. This form is submitted to your regional grants office. Grant Management Forms & Reports - US EPAApr 10, 2017 · Submit the completed form (s) to your grant specialist via mail . US EPA, Region 1. Attn:( Insert Grant Specialist's Name) 5 Post Office Square, Suite 100 (OARM 16-2) Boston, MA 02109-3912. Questions regarding the Lobbying and Litigation form (EPA 5700-53) may be directed to your Grant Specialist. Top of Page.

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Instructions for Completing the EPCRA Trade Secret Substantiation Form Revised January 2014 . In the sanitized version of the EPCRA report and the substantiation form, the specific chemical identity name and CAS number must be replaced with the chemicals generic class name or category name. Any other trade secret or Post-Award Forms & Reporting Brownfields in New - US Federal Financial Report. SF425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) (Excel) (1 pg, 36 K) Instructions on how to prepare the form (PDF) (5pp, 53 K) Please email a copy of your SF425 report to your Project Officer. The Final Federal Financial Report must also be faxed to:Las Vegas Finance Center US EPA, LVFC P.O. Box 98515 Las Vegas, NV, 89193 Fax

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See the list below for State and EPA Regional Office addresses, contact names, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses. NOTE:Some States have opted into using the RCRAInfo Industry Application which allows facilities to do electronic reporting. RCRAInfo Web US Environmental Protection AgencyHowever, in some States 1, and for certain aspects of the program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) retains all, or some, program implementation responsibility. In addition, ORCR provides national oversight of the program and supports reporting on national program accomplishments.

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Oct 25, 2016 · See EPAs About PDF page to learn more. Reporting Forms and Instructions - RY 2014 (PDF) (215 pp, 3 MB) Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Reporting Forms and Instructions - RY 2015 - US EPANov 28, 2016 · Reporting Forms and Instructions - RY 2015 Primary guidance document for RY 2015 TRI reporting. Contains details on how to determine if TRI reporting is required, how to fill out reporting forms, and changes to reporting requirements (if any) for RY 2015.

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Oct 17, 2016 · Our Reporting Forms and Instructions web page contains links to several helpful documents that can be downloaded, including the Consumer Confidence Report Rule Certification Form for Systems Serving 10,000 or More Persons, the Consumer Confidence Report Rule Certification Form for Systems Serving Less Than 10,000 Persons, and the Consumer Confidence Reporting and Reporting, Forms and Instructions:Public - US EPA

  • Public NotificationTypes of Public NoticesRequired ContentsSteps to Preparing A Public NoticeTemplates and Guidance DocumentsYour system is required to alert consumers to potential health risks from violations of drinking water standards or other situations and to tell them how to avoid or minimize these risks. On this page 1. Types of Public Notices 2. Required Contents 3. Steps to Preparing a Public Notice 4. Templates and GuidanceAnnual Reporting Form - US EPA · Web viewUnited States ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY Washington, DC 20460 Washington, DC 20460 For Private Courier:U.S. EPA (6205J) 1310 L Street, NW, 10th Floor Washington, DC 20005. Title:Annual Reporting Form Subject:RAD Author:US EPA, OAR, Responsible Appliance Disposal Program Other titles:Instructions for Use Step 1-Contact and

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    The RFI explains all items on the TRI forms and instructions Facilities how to complete the forms. For some chemicals, facilities may use range codes to report off-site transfer amounts if the individual transfer is less than 1000 lbs. For totals like M90, the mid-point of Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Forms and ^tosr/j EPA 260-R-15-001 *t OMB Control Number:2025-0009 V December 2015 Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Forms and Instructions Revised 2015 Version Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (Title III of the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986)

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    Jul 01, 2021 · TRI Reporting Forms and Instructions and related guidance documents are available at U.S. EPA's website here. TRI-ME Web Resources are available at U.S. EPA's website here. TRI-MEweb tutorials ; TRI Data and Tool ; Search the TRI Database:This tool is available at U.S. EPA Tri Metadata TRI Explorer US EPATri Metadata. Form R. The Form R is the reporting form that must be annually submitted by the. owner or operator of a covered facility. The reports are submitted on or. before July 1 and cover activities that occurred at the facility during. the previous calendar year. EPA provides the reporting forms along with.

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    Dec 10, 2010 · US EPA's Electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI) System:Reporting 2008 MSGP Monitoring Data Author:US EPA, OW, OWM, Water Permits Division, Municipal Branch Subject:These guidance documents give information and instructions on how to report MSGP Monitoring data using EPA's eNOI system, and register facilities and certify officials for eNOI. Keywords Voluntary Incident Reporting Forms and Instructions US EPAJun 20, 2018 · Voluntary Incident Reporting Forms and Instructions. These forms and their corresponding guidance documents provide useful tips and suggestions for meeting reporting requirements under 6 (a) (2). Use of these specific forms for required reporting is voluntary. These forms have been developed to meet incident reporting requirements.

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    Welcome to EPA's electronic Greenhouse Gas Reporting Tool. About e-GGRT. e-GGRT supports facility and supplier reporting for the EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. The rule requires electronic reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from large sources and suppliers in the United States. Additional information on e-GGRT.Reporting Forms and Instructions US EPAInstructions for Completing TRI Forms R and A C. Part I. Facility Identification Informatio Section 1. Reporting Year Section 2. Trade Secret Information Section 3. Certification Section 4. Facility Identification Section 5. Parent Company Information D. Part II.